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Our Story

It all started with Eza, the barefooted, brown-eyed little girl from the countryside of São Paulo. The little dreamy, supportive, romantic and curious Pisces.


• • •


Even from her little world, she knew that there really was a big world out there! And that one day she would get to see it.


After many years the girl Eza grew up. Her father, Dr. Ezildo, taught her a lot about traditional medicine. Meanwhile, her mother, Dona Alice, loved things that came from nature. And there was also Dinda, another Pisces, who taught Eza that, with a lot of dedication and willpower, we can go far!


• • •


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And... it was like that.

After having created a couple of businesses, Eza's desire to create something of a higher meaning, something that would give back to the community, kept growing and growing, until one day she called Morais and revealed: "I want to launch a skincare line made only with oils from the Amazon!"


It was then that Morais, who nicknamed Eza "curupira", introduced her to Daniel, who introduced her to Bere. And together, under Eza's leadership and determination, they brought together the powers of nature with the best advances in biotechnology.


From this meeting of waters that, like those of the rio Negro and Solimões, that do not mix (initially) but follow side by side, something wonderful was created: Amazônica



• • •


Amazônica it is not just a skincare line, but ancestral wisdom, from the true owners of our land, partnered with the best biotechnology available.


Amazônica was created for you to learn to accept and love yourself, and help others at the same time. Because, only in this way, that big world that Eza imagined when she was a barefooted little girl, in the countryside of São Paulo, will finally be our little world again.


A world where we believe that the world of Mr. Zé, who harvests açaí, or that of Joana D'arc, who squeezes the cupuaçu dough, is as important as anyone else's.


From Amazônica,


with love!

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